How British Science Week Can Inspire Engineers of the Future

We’ve got some high profile engineering and science-tastic events coming up over the next month, making it the perfect time to think about how we can encourage the next generation of engineers.


At the moment, there is Engineers’ Week in Ireland and between the 11 and 20 March it will be British Science Week, a celebration of STEM sectors across ten days.

Up and down the UK there will be an abundance of opportunities for teachers and parents to inspire children about the joys of science and to instil a desire to join the industry once they are old enough. Here are some of the things you can get involved with and be inspired by when it comes to thinking about who is going to join your ranks in the future.

Award Season
It’s not just the Oscars that are attracting attention at this time of year; there are also a bunch of awards offered to those creating amazing products for the STEM sectors.

For instance, there are an abundance of competitive recently-graduated individuals who have just finished applying for the Young Engineer of the Year Awards. By fostering their enthusiasm from a young age and encouraging them to think outside of the box in order to develop their skill set, they have found themselves en route to success!

Sharing success stories about past winners is a sure way to get kid’s imagination churning and generating their own ideas.

Engineering Stems from Play
Harnessing the power of play and curiosity from a young age is a key to generating interest among children. This is especially true of girls who begin to lose interest in STEM when they turn 16. The popularity of games such as Minecraft are creating a new generation of software and design engineers, and there is an abundance of other toys on the market that are designed to ignite the engineer inside children by teaching them the basics to electronics, robotics and building.

Reading about the Industry
There are a number of engineering blogs and sites out there that are dedicated to providing you with the latest news in an intriguing and exciting way that is appropriate for an array of ages. Nina and the Neurons from the BBC is filled with activities that are suitable for tots, whereas there are other STEM sites for kids that are upwards of 10.

So if you’re excited about the upcoming festivities that will be celebrating engineering and STEM, let us know! You can tweet us here or get in touch via our Facebook page.

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