Gas Springs: What Are They, and Why Are They Important?

They might not be the most glamorous bit of tech – certainly not a patch on any of these upcoming wonders – but that doesn’t stop gas springs from being utterly essential in loads of day to day tasks. If you’ve opened your car boot or adjusted your swivel chair at work today, chances are you’ve already come into contact with a gas spring without even realising it.


How it Works

Gas springs come in many different shapes and sizes to suit a wide variety of applications, but the underlying principle is generally the same: instead of a metal coil, the springing action is created using a force from a piston, rod and cylinder of nitrogen. As the rod is pushed into the cylinder the gas is compressed, generating the spring-like movement.

This is useful because, as in the case of a car boot or a heavy fire door, it can assist us when we need to manually shift something that would usually be too heavy. When installed and maintained correctly (more about that in just a moment), gas springs also can last an impressively long time – making them an economic option as well as a practical one.

Proper Care

Although nitrogen is one of the less dangerous gasses, you still need to be careful when looking after your spring – both for safety, and longevity. A gas spring shouldn’t be kept in an extremely hot environment, so keep this in mind when considering it for your application.

To help your spring last for longer, you should have it installed with the rod pointing downwards; this helps to keep the movement lubricated, reducing the risk of damage while simultaneously preventing leakage.

If your spring does come to the end of its working life, you can consult our recycling page for information about safe disposal!

Better than a Metal Spring?

Gas springs aren’t better than other types of spring – but they do offer something different, so depending on the application they might be exactly what you need. They can save space (a lot of space), offer a smoother action and last longer, so if they give the desired action, they’re definitely worth looking into.

We can provide gas springs to your specifications, as well as a great selection of other products including bespoke stampings and pressings. For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch; you can give us a call at 0208 663 1800 or connect with us online.

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