Exciting Arrival: The Bruderer BSTA 500-110B

European Springs has acquired a new and revolutionary machine, a Bruderer BSTA 500-110B. This device will allow us to produce more than 1000 stampings per minute, which means there will be 66000 stampings just in one hour. We are very satisfied with the performance of this machine designed by Swiss engineering, and want to share its innovative systems and advantages with you.


What's the design of the BSTA 500-110B?

This stamping press device possesses a high performance combined with a brilliant mechanical precision. Other key features of the BSTA 500-110B are its modern electronics and trendsetting innovations, all of this plus the traditional Bruderer Swiss technology, widely known for its reliability. The machine has connecting rods and levels that work very well with its perfected mass counterbalancing system.

What makes it so unique?
Perhaps one of the most interesting features of this device is the hardened and ground spindles of the ram height adjustment which are mounted outside the power flow. This guarantees that the ram will have a precise setting even during the punching process.

This system doesn't generate the lateral forces that would be usually transmitted into the ram guides. Again, this prevents the deflection of the punches due to eccentric loads in the die.
All these things combined mean the BSTA 500-110B provides a safe and cost/effective stamping process that will benefit European Springs' products in a completely new way.

What are its benefits?

The machine can be controlled through big touch screens that offer a detailed overview of all the ongoing processes. It also has a memory function that allows a fast and trouble-free retooling from one die to another, saving the company both time and effort. Because it's equipped with the most common bus systems, any peripheral system can be used along with it.

The device also comes with several extra options such as hydraulic tool clamping, automatic stroke change systems and an innovative oil-lubricating system. It's also worth to notice that it is protected by Unidor sensors both in tool force measurement and in press acoustic type which will stop the press before a single cycle is completed in the event of a problem.

At European Springs we are always sure we have the latest technology in pressing to suit any project you might have. Contact us today and we'll be delighted to help.

European Springs

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