European Springs & Pressings Ltd Capital Expenditure Tops £500,000 Annually With Investments in 3D CAD and Automated Vision Measuring System

Our latest press release, distributed to promote our latest investment in our new 3D CAD and Automated Vision Measuring Systems, taking our total annual capital expenditure to over £500,000.

Leading spring manufacturers and distributors European Springs & Pressings Ltd have furthered their investments in expanding their services and supporting their technical expertise.

European Springs & Pressings Ltd,, are proud to announce their investment in a new 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) system and an Automated Vision Measuring System, on top of their earlier investment this year of £250,000 in new press and coiling equipment. This takes European Springs & Pressings’ Ltd annual capital expenditure to over £500,000 on improving their products and services for customers.

The new 3D CAD system represents an investment approaching £100,000 in hardware and software, and comprises of a state of the art 2D and 3D system with an additional bespoke press tooling design package and spring simulation package. Spokesperson for European Springs & Pressings Ltd Simon Taylor said: “This sizeable investment in our new CAD system is a revolutionary approach to spring manufacturing, allowing us the freedom and potential to operate in new, innovative ways. With ten CAD stations the system allows each of our toolmakers total access to its range of impressive functions, and gives us the ability to receive and manage all 3D CAD formats. With the bespoke tool design we will be able to reduce design time by up to 60%, which will commensurately decrease both the cost and time to market for our customers.”

3D CAD systems allow the design and manipulation of elements and parts in a virtual environment before they are manufactured. The simulation package allows users to carry out stress analysis of materials, and model complex 3D geometry over an entire operating cycle to predict potential areas of concern and optimise design at the prototype stage.

Alongside the new 3D CAD system European Springs & Pressings Ltd have also invested £30,000 in an Automated Vision Measuring system. The new system allows increased precision in measurement to an accuracy of two microns (0.002mm), whilst offering remote measurement of up to ninety-nine dimensions of up to two-hundred parts simultaneously.

Mr. Taylor added: “Our new £30,000 AVM system represents a fantastic investment for the company. The entire system is linked to our server, meaning we are able to carry out and store ISIR, line inspection and capability study information with increased efficiency and accuracy. What’s more, because of the dramatic reduction in inspection time, we can increase both the regularity and level of inspection whilst reducing the actual overhead cost.”

European Springs & Pressings Ltd is a subsidiary of Lesjöfors, Europe’s leading spring supplier, and has built up an extensive list of contacts in their 65 year history. As a prominent member of The Institute of Spring Technology, European Springs & Pressings Ltd is at the forefront of spring development and manufacturing, and possesses two dynamic manufacturing facilities in London and Cornwall respectively, as well a stocking facility in Yorkshire.

For more information about their new systems, or to contact European Springs & Pressings Ltd about any of their products and services, visit

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