Engineering Is The Future of The UK

Engineering has been a very big part of the UK's history since the industrial revolution. From the development of 'low profile' inventions like the sewing machine, to developments that we heavily rely upon like the World Wide Web, this nation has always been one of the world's leading engineers. However, recent reports highlight that the country's manufacturing is lagging behind that of many other nations.


According to search engine guru Google, the UK's engineering is not up to the expected standard, and countries like Slovenia and Romania are ahead of us in terms of manufacturing and innovations. There is a drastic decline in the number of students enrolling for computer science courses. Statistics indicate a 60% reduction in students taking part in this subject, and there has been a constant decline since 1998.

In fact, the UK is now ranked 32nd on the global list detailing the number of computer engineers per nation. With technology rapidly advancing, it is correct to assume there is a going to be an increasing demand for individuals who are highly skilled and geared towards coping with hi-tech engineering demands. Studies show that the nation has bright enough minds; however inspiration seems to be what is lacking. Attempts are being made in different industries to encourage the youth involved in industry to help enhance Britain's manufacturing future.

For instance, manufacturing company ADV's proposal for an engineering qualification has received strong industrial backing from the government. Approval of this proposal will see graduates who take the New Product Innovation Blackbelt qualification receiving national accreditation. Such progression is promising for a wealthy country like the UK, as we have the resources to facilitate inspirational innovation.  With collective effort from both the government and fellow manufacturing companies, we at European Springs believe that Britain can create much more positive developments that can change the world further.

As a company that mainly operates in the engineering and product-manufacturing sector, we have strong support for such developments, as we believe young British talent is the future of product innovation. Without the inspiration and strong work ethic that this nation has shown in the past, we would not have been able to create high quality innovations like the tension springs that we are now so renowned for manufacturing. We surely hope there will be increased support for the engineering industry to help our beloved country prosper.

European Springs

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