Compression Springs: From Small to Large

Compression springs are used in so many different scenarios and we, as a society, often take these types of springs for granted. If we didn't have compression springs, everything from light switches and suspension systems to kids toys and door locks would work in a completely different way.


But just thinking about this helps us to understand why we use them and why we need them in our everyday life. So, what are the smallest and largest uses for compression springs?

The Multiple Uses of Micro Springs

At European Springs, we provide high quality compression springs to a plethora of industries, from the aerospace industry to the medical sectors. On the smaller scale of things, micro springs are particularly popular in surgical equipment, such as forceps, and devices that can be used to aid patients.

One of the most important uses of these micro springs is in pacemakers, where springs are used to ensure that the leads within the pacemaker that connect the electrical circuits to the heart don't become detached. A detached lead can cause serious health risks and even result in damage being inflicted on the heart.

How Are Large Compression Springs Used?

For large compression springs, the most common way to refer to them is a heavy duty compression spring. These springs are used in mechanisms that require a great amount of force to be exerted on the spring itself. These can be used in anything from the automotive industry to intense environments that are susceptible to high compression loads.

One incredibly strenuous industry in which these heavy duty springs are required is in the oil rig industry. When working offshore, the things that need to be considered in every situation, in an engineering sense, is the temperature of the drill bit and the pressure that they have to withstand.

As part of a case study, European Springs worked with an offshore rigging company to develop a spring material that tackled both of these conditions and, in the end, our solutions trumped what nature had to offer. By using the latest technology and material science, the heavy duty compression springs, and even micro springs, that we manufacture are stronger and more durable than ever.

As leading spring manufacturers that specialise in high quality spring and wire form technology, we have to ensure that every product that we develop is durable enough to withstand any scenario and also maintains its primary functions without any deformation occurring.

If you would like to know more information with regards to the compression springs that we manufacture and the industries in which they are used, then please don't hesitate to contact us. Just give us a call today on +44 208 663 1800 and we will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

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