Are Engines Becoming Cleaner?

Here at European Springs and Pressings Ltd, our  spring manufacturers create bespoke products for a variety of industries, but one of our most prolific clients is undoubtedly the automotive sector. Because of this, we like to keep an eye of all of the latest automotive developments, and one recent piece of engineering news certainly caught our eye.


Energy Efficient Engines

Energy efficiency is one of the most-talked-about concepts of the modern world, and literally every sector is doing what it can to excel in this area. When it comes to car engines, it's fair to say that modern vehicles have come a long way since the days of the earliest automobiles, and energy efficiency is now greatly improved. However, a recent discovery based upon a seemingly impossible 'cool burning flame' could be set to revolutionise this science even further.

The New Discovery

The team who have made this discovery noted that when a fuel droplet was ignited on a space station, the 'conventional' flame only lasts for a short time, but what has been newly seen is that a cool flame – invisible to the naked eye – keeps on burning for a prolonged period after this visible reaction. Initially, the researchers simply thought that the fuel had ceased to burn, but sophisticated sensory equipment was then successfully utilised to display the presence of cool flames.