A History of Springs

In modern industrial times springs are used for many different purposes and appear in operational designs across a whole range of industries. However, springs have played a major role in technological innovations since the dawn of mankind and the advent of the bow and arrow….

The basic bow and arrow concept utilises a simple non-coiled spring system to propel the projectile at high speed. The Bronze Age saw the rise of more sophisticated spring devices such as tweezers, developed through the formation of bronze alloys and post casting hardening techniques.

It wasn't until the 15th Century that the first coiled springs appeared, used in the design of more advanced door locking systems. It was also around this time that the first spring powered clocks began being produced, leading the way for the invention of the watch in the 16th Century. Since that time the broad range of spring applications has continued to increase to the point that springs today appear in everything from vehicle suspensions to medical equipment.

Torsion springs are the type used for bar suspensions in vehicles. Thick torsion bar springs absorbs a significant amount of shock from bumpy roads, giving the driver a much more comfortable ride. Extra strong compression springs can also be found in the off-shore oil and gas industry, which combine super-alloyed metals with the strongest designs to produce springs capable of withstanding the extreme pressures of deep sea drilling as well as the harsh weather conditions of an off-shore platform. Other current types of industrial springs include vary delicate hairsprings used when making watches or constructing moving part systems that require the transmission of electricity such as steering wheels.  

For more than 60 years, European Springs have grown with the industry, delivering quality spring products to a constantly evolving market. The company has provided products across a whole range of industries supplying everyone from pharmaceuticals and telecommunications to the electric and motor industries. By combining the latest technologies with expert knowledge and a wealth of experience, European Springs deliver the best quality products to clients across Europe.  With manufacturing facilities based in London and Cornwall, the offer a comprehensive range of springs, wireforms and pressings to meet any particular requirements and specifications.

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European Springs

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