7 Reasons to Start a Career in Manufacturing

For those who enjoy working in a diverse environment where no two days are the same, the manufacturing industry can make the ideal career choice. This is a career that depends on having the mental strength to face new challenges head-on and the ability to solve problems.

In this article, we will highlight some of the top reasons why young people should consider a career in manufacturing.

7 Reasons

1) A Growing Industry

Many people are referring to the manufacturing industry as being in the midst of its fourth revolution, as the sector is rapidly changing and always looking towards improvement and innovation. Here is a quick summary of the four industrial revolutions at a glance:

  • The first industrial revolution occurred in the late 1700s with the introduction of factories. This improved the efficiency of how products were made by humans.
  • The second revolution hinged on the creation of automobiles which provided greater transportation solutions to people around the world.
  • The third industrial revolution was led by the creation of computers, which have had a direct impact on the fourth revolution.
  • The fourth industrial revolution is being brought about by the invention of robots, and their introduction to factory environments.

If you’re looking to start a career in manufacturing, you will need to embrace change as the sector is constantly on the move; it’s only a matter of time until the fifth industrial revolution takes place, and who knows, you may be part of it.

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2) An Exciting Sector

The potential to work alongside robots is just one of the many things that make this industry such an exciting prospect. The introduction of robotics means that there will be more high-skilled jobs opening up in this sector.

The manufacturing sector is interconnected and proud of its output. There are plenty of chances to get to know experts and leaders in the industry outside of your company by attending manufacturing orientated expos, such as the Smart Factory Expo, the UK’s biggest showcase of digital manufacturing.

3) Full of Opportunities

With the more dangerous and technical work being carried out by robots, you could be looking towards managerial positions in the future of your career. These positions control where the work goes, directing teams to push certain aspects of the company in order to achieve the final product. In the future, there will also be opportunities to work in the maintenance of the robots.

In the meantime, for those who are just starting out in their career, there are plenty of apprenticeships in manufacturing which you could consider as an alternative to university debts. While apprenticeships in the UK are reported to have fallen by 30% in the last twelve-months, European Springs are proud to be addressing this gap.

An apprenticeship with us could get you a BTEC level 3 in engineering operations and maintenance, as well as an accompanying NVQ in mechanical manufacturing engineering. If you’re prepared to work hard in your apprenticeship, you could also be looking at a full-time career at the end of your course.

ACE Apprentices awarded, Summer 2017

Apprentices at European Springs Awarded with Certificates

4) Work with New Technology

There is plenty of new technology being implemented in the manufacturing sector, aside from robotics. 3D printing is also changing the ways in which products are crafted, and the future of the industry lies in ‘smart factories’ that make use of cutting-edge software, where robots and devices are hooked up to the ‘internet of things’.

The Internet of Things is a system which allows inanimate objects to recognise and communicate with each other and with people. It requires wi-fi, sensors and automated machines to function and works by collecting data. This data can then be interpreted by people to streamline the manufacturing process, which will have positive effects on the company’s revenue.

By starting your career in the manufacturing sector, you will be learning valuable skills that will keep you up to date with the world’s latest technology.

5) Safe

On the surface, working in manufacturing can be seen as potentially dangerous, with heavy machinery and automated machines involved in most processes. Thankfully though, the 21st century has seen heavy emphasis placed on putting the safety of employees first. Along with the various safety precautions that have been implemented over the years, the introduction of automation into the manufacturing industry is making manufacturing safer.

Although public perception of manufacturing has been heavily stigmitised over the years due its association with out-of-date practices – dingy, grimy and unsafe workhouses – today’s warehouses and factories are more akin to laboratories.

6) Hone your Skills

There is currently a skills shortage in this sector, so if you’re ready to prove yourself, then the manufacturing industry could be your big chance to improve your current skills and learn plenty of new things along the way. Employers in manufacturing are typically looking for technically-minded people who can get stuck in and communicate well, especially when experiencing problems with high-tech equipment.

Manufacturing in the UK makes up 44% of our country’s total exports. With so much to do, there are plenty of opportunities for people to find work in this sector.

7) Wage Benefits

Because of the skills shortage, manufacturing companies are currently aspiring to keep their productive workforce, meaning that they are looking to improve their employee retention rates. If you successfully land a job in manufacturing and can deliver towards the company’s goals, then you could be looking at a stable and potentially well-paid career.

Manufacturing in the UK is a particularly lucrative business. It is speculated that if current growth trends continue, the UK could be one of the top five countries in the manufacturing industry by 2021.

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If you’ve been inspired to get a job in manufacturing, European Springs may have the perfect opportunity for you. Check out our engineering vacancies page to find out if you can kick-start your future in engineering with a well-established spring manufacturer.

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