Tension Springs – More Than Tightly Wound Coils

We don't walk around our house pointing out household appliances and the benefits that springs bring to our items, we also don't stroll round town reminding ourselves of how important springs are to our daily lives. Everything seems to work seamlessly without us having to give it a second thought. In modern times springs are used for many purposes, in a range of industries. Springs are very much the unsung heroes of modern life.

A spring that has a wide range of uses is the tension spring. Here at European Springs, we have years upon years of experience designing and producing tension springs, so we have a good idea about the significance these springs have.

In brief tension springs are made of steel and stainless steel; this is because steel is considered to have more elasticity than metal including copper. Our tension springs are tightly wound coils that operate with tension. They stretch to a specific length as force is applied to it. But these springs are so much more than tightly wound coils, the uses of tension springs seem almost boundless.  

Most of the time our garage door open and shuts without any problems whatsoever. This is no doubt due to quality workmanship. In addition to this, the tension spring is vital for the counter balancing of garage doors. Whether your door has roll up sections or swings in one piece, it will operate on spring tension. Other examples of the uses of tension springs include lever mechanisms.

Of course, trampolines rely heavily on tension springs. With the force of a person jumping pushes material down on the springs, creating a reaction which pushes the jumper into the air. These springs have a wide range of industrial and commercial use.  

If you would like to find out more about our tension springs then get in touch with us today at European Springs. As part of our tension spring range, we have specially designed extension springs available, which means you can customise, ensuring you can make a tension spring of your choice.  We have a wide range of springs available including torsion springs, compression springs, clock springs and disc springs.

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