Force Tolerances

The tolerances when charging particularly with gas and other factors means that there be variations in forces exerted with the same nominal F1 value.

The tolerances in the table below are excessive; the actual forces are usually very close to the nominal specification.

Force tolerances (N) of a gas spring


F1 ≤   100+/- 10
100   <  F1≤   200+/- 20
200   <  F1≤   600+/- 30
600   <  F1≤ 1 200+/- 50
> 1 200+/- 100

The nominal F1 values apply at 20° C, which is the temperature at which gas charging is carried out. Note that if the ambient temperature rises or falls, the force of the gas spring will rise or fall depending on pressure changes in the cylinder. Normally, the gas spring force will increase by approximately 3.5% per 10° C in temperature and reduce accordingly when the temperature falls.