Force Calculations

Using in house developed software, European Springs are able to simulate any type of imaginable application, which enables quickly calculated force requirements for any particular gas spring design. Discussing any requests you may have with our professional advisers will ensure that your design is manufactured to your specific requirements right from the initial design process.

In simpler cases, the required gas spring force may be calculated by entering relevant values into the following formula:

F1 = (G x L) / (W x n) + 10 – 15% margin of error

force calculationsF1 = Gas spring force in Newton
G = Gravitational pull in Newton of  the moving part
C = Connection point on the moving part
D = Connection point on the fixed part
E = Swivel point
S = Centre of gravity
L = Horizontal distance from E to S in open position
W = Smallest distance to E
n = Number of gas springs