Special Characteristics

Length and force

The gas springs and accessories we hold in our Standard Spring catalogue range are manufactured to standard strokes, length and force. Bespoke Springs with customised dimensions are available upon request.

Movement and damping

We can adapt extension speed and oil volume, which means that we can tailor movement patterns and damping to your requirements.

Cylinder colour and surface finish

Apart from our stainless steel range, the cylinder of our gas springs is painted in black RAL9005 and the piston rod finished in black nitrite. However, the piston rod may also be finished in chrome, and the cylinder may be painted any colour our customer’s desire.


Our spring catalogue stock range includes threaded connectors and welded loops, standardised by the demanding market. However, if you require gas springs with alternative connector types or custom end fittings, they are possible to be produced, just speak to one of our many design advisers.