Bespoke Springs

High quality springs can be manufactured in all shapes and sizes, and when one of our many standard options (over 12,000 choices) isn’t quite up to the job at hand we can provide bespoke springs that are suitable for absolutely any job or application. After over 60 years of experience creating custom springs (and bespoke pressings) for our clients, European Springs are proud of our position as industry leaders. When you choose us as your bespoke spring manufacturers, you’re depending on a member of The Institute of Spring Technology and the ISME, backing up our registration with BSI to ISO9001, so you have spring designs with durability and high-performance guaranteed.

Bespoke Springs to Suit Your Requirements

Sometimes a specific force is required at a set position, or combination of forces may be necessary at different positions, and a customised spring is therefore the best option to achieve this. As custom spring manufacturers, we’ll work directly with you to guarantee that our finished product does exactly what you need it to.

Length, colour, finish and measure of force in a spring can all be adapted, as can speed, oil volume and even the movement pattern of a particular coil. This latter consideration may necessitate an uncommon connector type or end fitting, but that’s not a problem, and nor is dynamic damping or the development of a solid locking design. Whatever you need your spring to do, we can tailor the specifications that we work with to provide the desired performance.

In many cases, the way that the spring ‘feels’ in action is critical, but it’s also highly subjective. As part of the product development process, we can offer our spring design service to validate your specification, supply prototype batches at the theoretical optimum, and also offer a range of stronger or weaker springs. This allows you to finalise the design of your custom springs before committing to full production, and our in-house design team will ensure that you remain fully informed throughout the creation process.

Ultimately, with bespoke springs, you benefit from the combined expertise of our professional staff, whilst still retaining full control over your project; we’re the custom spring manufacturers who will work both with you, and for you.

Come to European Springs for Your Bespoke Springs

A spring really can make or break an entire project, so don’t ever settle for something that isn’t exactly right. Instead, allow our bespoke spring manufacturers to produce the long-lasting, efficient springs which actually get the job done.

To discuss the specific requirements of your bespoke springs with us, or simply to find out more about the options we have available, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0208 663 1800; our team of experts will be able to address all of your needs.



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