Applications of Compression Springs

You may not notice it, but during your everyday routine you are most likely to be using one of the most common types of spring available;  compression springs. Small or large, compression springs are one of the most versatile springs manufactured here at European Springs and Pressing Ltd, so let's consider the compression spring today, look at what it is and just a few of its many uses.

The compression spring is typically an open coil helical spring that comes in a number of different body sizes, pitches and diameters depending on its intended use. It functions by absorbing potential energy as it is compressed, releasing this energy after it is allowed to expand.

Compression springs have many applications within industries such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, not to mention consumer goods.

An example of a compression spring in action would be a car's suspension system. In conjunction with shock absorbers and linkages the spring absorbs the shocks that otherwise would create a very uncomfortable driving experience.

Compression springs are used within electrical switches to keep the switch in either the on or off position, a seemingly mundane application but it prevents our lights from switching themselves off.

Compression springs are vital in helping maintain pressure in offshore oil rigs, as a heavy compression spring provides the optimal pressure that is crucial offshore.

Here at European Springs and Pressing Ltd we understand the importance of having a high quality spring in a variety of materials to best suit your intended purpose. As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of hot coiled compression springs, we offer springs for use in businesses such as the pulp and paper industry as well as offshore, infrastructure and automation.

Our helpful team members can help you design the compression springs you need for your business, in a range of materials from basic steel to super alloys Inconel and Hastelloy, which are perfect for high temperatures and pressures. With European Springs and Pressings Ltd you can always have the exact spring needed for your purpose, providing you with high quality compression springs at a competitive rates. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us about our expert services.

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