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As compression springs manufacturers, we deliver the best compression springs to all of our Europeans clients. Our springs are used in leading industries big and small and are able to take on any task set for them.

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Helical Compression Springs

One of the more common types of spring we manufacture are Helical Compression Springs. Due to their wide range of general uses, Helical Compression Springs are a highly versatile addition to your business, able to work effectively in a wide range of applications such as valves, electric switches and as components in door locking mechanisms.

The unique design of our Helical Compression Springs means that their compressed, helix shape allows them to resist compressive forces. This means they can be manufactured into cylindrical, conical, tapered, convex or concave shapes with a constant or variable pitch and with their ends either ground or unground.

Compression Spring Manufacturers Producing the Best Compression Springs in Europe

Our Helical Compression Springs are produced in a range of different materials from Spring or Stainless Steels through non ferrous such as Phosphor Bronze and Beryllium Copper to Super alloys like Inconel, Hastelloy and Nimonic making some of the finest compression springs in Europe. Whether you're looking for a specific body size, force, length or pitch or wire diameter, as one of the best compression spring manufacturers in Europe we're able to provide you with a range of spring dimensions from 0.1-65 millimetres for your individual use.

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We pride ourselves with working in closely with our customers to ensure we provide the best service from start to finish.

If you would like to find out more about our range of compression springs such as our SF-TFK compression springs, perfect when a high force is required in a limited space, or if you would like to know how we can help you develop the perfect spring for your particular job, contact us today and a member of our professional, experienced staff will be happy to help.

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