Recycling a Gas Spring

Here at European Springs we promote recycling old products to make new functioning products, in lots of different industries. The majority of our Gas springs are made of metal therefore is a perfect recycling material for further use. If a gas spring has become damaged or unusable and you plan to dispose of the spring yourself, please be aware of the following points before you do attempt disposal.

1. Firstly, wearing and ear defenders before depressurising the cylinder will protect you from the noise which occurs when pierced. Also wearing safety goggles and protective goggles will protect you from any small amounts of oil and metal fragments.

gas springs


Nitrogen is an inert gas and is neither explosive nor toxic.

2. Depressurise the gas spring by drilling a 3 mm hole 20 mm from the cylinder end with it fixed in the vertical position and the piston rod down and in max extended position.

3. Drain the oil through the drilled hole by pressing in and pulling out the piston rod repeatedly if necessary. Recycle the waste oil in accordance with local regulations.

4. The gas spring can now be taken to a metal recycling centre in accordance with local regulations.