Standard Gas Springs

image with various springs on coloured square backgrounds



Our standard range is undoubtedly one of the most expansive on the European market. Due to in-house designed product ranges and dimensions, forces and extension speeds offered by our European suppliers, choices are relatively unlimited.The high turnover of gas springs we produce means we can supply small quantities of all our standard spring items at once.
All our standard spring items
Conventional PDF Docs
12-4 L, 12-4 E
15-6 L, 15-6 E
18-8 L, 18-8 E
22-10 L, 22-10 E
28-14 L, 28-14 E
Welded loops
15-6 EW
18-8 EW
22-10 EW
Stainless steel
15-6 ES
18-8 ES
22-10 ES
Force reduction
18-8 LV
Furniture applications
15-6 EF
Safety lock
28-10 RLE
Release mechanisms
End fittings
For gas spring 12-4
Steel, zink, plastic, aluminium
Stainless steel