Futuristic Technology That Exists Today: [Part Two: Entertainment]

In November of 2014, we started our Futuristic Technology That Exists Today series with a post on some of the amazing existing technology that has the power to make objects invisible. Today we’ll be continuing that series with part two: entertainment. In this post we’ll be taking a look at some existing futuristic technologies that can be used for entertainment and will be on the market very soon.


Holographic TVs

Holograms are a staple futuristic technology that has appeared in hundreds of films set in the future (or a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away), but we haven’t really seen any real-life practical applications of this technology yet. It’s very close to being a reality though, with holographic phones and TVs currently in the R&D facilities of several big names. Holographic phones are expected to land in 2016, but scaling the technology up to TV size is a bit more difficult, so we shouldn’t see it on the market for a few years yet.

One piece of technology that could see the market very soon is a 3D holographic projector from Ostendo Technologies Inc. The technology is expected to act in the same way as R2-D2’s projector that he uses to project a hologram of Princess Leia in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the next step on from TV when it comes to the displaying of video. We once went to plays to see stories acted out, then those stories were recorded and shown through TVs, and now the stories will be created and audiences will experience them as if they were there. In virtual reality, the technology will allow audiences to feel like they are actually in scenes, and not just watching the scenes on a screen. Virtual reality technology is built up from technologies that allow users to experience this virtual world through senses not just limited to sight and sound.

Most existing virtual reality technologies involve stereoscopic goggles with a display that reacts to the direction the user is looking, allowing them to “look around” a virtual world. To simulate touch, virtual reality technologies use haptic systems that allow users to “feel” the world that is being simulated. Technologies are even in development for taste and scent, allowing all of a user’s senses to be used to fully simulate a virtual world.

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