Formula 1’s Greatest Technological Advancements

Formula 1 is the biggest stage in motorsport and is known around the world for pushing the boundaries of what is technologically possible. With the stakes higher even than the incredible speeds, the technology that they use is the absolute pinnacle and is proven under unbelievable conditions.


In a recent story in the Financial Times it was highlighted just how influential and important Britain is to Formula 1 and its developments. The fact that 8 of the 11 Formula 1 teams in the world are based in Britain gives you some idea of exactly how influential Britain is in this incredible sport. In this blog we thought that we would take a look at the most important developments for the car industry that have come as a direct result of the developments made in Formula 1;

Disc Brakes

It was way back in the early days of Formula 1 that the sport first began to use disc brakes for their ability to consistently stop cars from high speed safely. Now almost every car currently in production in the entire world utilises disc brakes, and they are far more durable and effective than 'drum' style brakes that were the norm before discs.

Adaptive Suspension

Initially known in the sport as adaptive suspension, the technology allowed a car's height and spring rate to be constantly adjusted to improve grip and lap times. Despite being banned from F1 in 1994, car manufacturers are introducing the technology to road cars to improve their performance.

Tyre Technology

The vital last bit of control between driver and road, there is no overestimating the importance of quality tyres. Formula 1 has always been at the forefront of research for tyre technology, and is constantly developing new compounds and treads to improve grip in all weather conditions. This technology is usually developed by commercial tyre manufacturers and is directly transferred into their road car tyres.

With other F1 technologies such as KERS (kinetic energy recovery systems) now gradually making their way into road cars, Formula 1 is sure to continue creating technology that is easily applicable to the road.
We hope that you have enjoyed our little rundown of some of the best and most useful technology from Formula 1. As one of Europe's leading spring manufacturers we here at European Springs are always interested to see the next big engineering achievement, and who knows, maybe it will be another effort from the racetrack.

If you need any information on any of our products please don't hesitate to contact us and our friendly and experienced team will be happy to help.

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