An Introduction to Springs

Springs are manufactured from just one wire, and therefore could not be simpler in many respects, yet they hold the ingenious structure to be variably functional, consistent and absolutely vital to many mechanisms. From helical coils to more unusual shapes and designs, the humble spring is an invaluable component that many industries couldn't do without.

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At European Springs, our ability to carry out quality spring manufacture is renowned throughout many countries, and we always strive to uphold that strong reputation to the best of our ability. We can supply customers with a wide range of high quality products, and also prioritise the very best customer service at highly competitive prices. However, what really sets us apart from other manufacturers is our innovation, as our high-tech manufacturing facilities can create entirely bespoke designs in bulk and at speed.

Our durable spring designs are adaptable for use in any industry, and areas such as the electric, electronic, motor, offshore, pharmaceutical and telecommunication sectors rely on our springs and pressings in a significant way. Because of this, our standard catalogues and stocks are well-equipped with over 700 products to meet a variety of common needs, but when a more personal touch is needed we can also design and subsequently manufacture springs that are directly in accordance with a customer's specifications and requirements.

Regardless of whether they are standard or bespoke in nature, our spring manufacture procedures always adhere to high standards. We can produce over 3,000,000 components an hour, and we utilise a variety of CAD, CAM and other specialised techniques as part of our in-house design services. Materials are always chosen to enable optimal performance levels, but we can also finish materials using processes like powder-coating or shot-peening to attain even more robust properties when necessary.

Of course, it's worth saying that spring manufacture isn't just about high volume demand, and there are numerous occasions when a request for a 'bespoke' spring means just that; bespoke and one of a kind. In such situations, we're able to serve as a one-stop centre of excellence for both prototyping and small orders, so don't ever make the mistake of thinking that we only deal with orders for vast quantities of components.

As far as we're concerned, the spring manufacture procedures for an instantly recognisable compression spring can be carried out just as easily as those for a more 'unknown' wave spring, and we'll work closely with you to ensure a premium experience from start to finish, no matter whether you want one spring or one thousand springs. Our ability to provide springs and pressings is unmatched, and we're therefore confident that we'll be able to assist you.

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