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Medical springs: For Medical Requirements

At European Springs we take pride in manufacturing the highest quality medical springs. The micro coil technology is achieved using an automatic coiling process controlled by laser sensors, ensuring we produce precision cut micro coil technology. The stainless steel alloys we use, Platinum-Iridium, Platinum- Tungsten etc, allow easy clean and hygienic care even after multiple uses. These materials are ideal when manufacturing wire sizes as minuscule as 0.03mm and components ranging from 0.10-0.8mm.

We specialise in coiling the various platinum alloys into helical and electrode coils in various small sizes and a complex array of shapes. Our production methods meet stringent requirements for dimensional tolerances, surfaces, quality control and cleanliness.


Reinforced Polymer Tubing 

The Medical springs we fabricate include a lining of spiral reinforced Polymer tubing, to give a high coiling ratio and variable spring diameter structure. The variability of this tubing allows production to adjust the pitch and tapered shape to lengths of up to 350mm. The material commonly used is stainless steel AISI 302 round spring wire with a diameter of 0.20 to 0.40mm with a bright and clean surface.


Medical Springs with Long Coils

Alongside regular Medical springs, we also engineer long coils with lengths of up to 6.000mm as components for various Guide Wires. We coat these wires in bright PTFE (PolyTetraFluorEthylene) and conclude all processes with rigorous cleaning techniques to destroy any oils or particles from production.

After decontamination, the Medical springs we manufacture are packaged in contamination free packaging to ensure no damage occurs during transport to their destination.

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