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As experienced disc spring manufacturers, you can be certain that, no matter what your particular job requires, we can provide you with perfect disc springs for the job.

What Are Disc Springs?

A Disc spring is essentially a flat metal conical shaped spring that can be loaded along its axis at either the upper inner edge or the lower outer edge. A disc spring can be used singularly or as parallel spring sets, stacked on top of one another.

Disc springs have been used for over 150 years as components for various machines as, compared with standard springs, the conical shape proves disc springs to be very strong and resilient. This means they can be stacked with very large loads, even when supported by a small installation space. 

Why one of the Leading Disc Spring Manufacturers in Europe 

Manufacturing the disc spring dynamics to be either linear or regressive is what we do best. As disc springs are so versatile, there is an unlimited number of stacking combinations available, with guide washers to avoid friction, for you to take full advantage of. This results in the characteristic curve and varied column length of stacked disc springs, which are commonly used in automobile mechanisms such as clutch and brake equipment.

For The Best Disc Spring Manufacturers in Europe, Contact Us Today

When searching for the best disc springs, we advise all of our customers to choose standard stainless spring steel for their specific disc springs. This is generally because special materials have a tendency to be more malleable due to temperature ranges, therefore decreasing in tensile strength causing the force of the disc spring to be lower and less effective.

Of course, if you do require a specific material for your disc spring, our experienced team of disc spring manufacturers will go through every available option to help you achieve your desired disc spring. We also offer protection against corrosion on our disc springs via applicable corrosive resistant coatings, maximising the life of your disc spring.

For more information on what we can do for your disk springs, contact us today on +0044 (0)208 663 1800 and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.


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