European Springs and Pressings Ltd backed an effective tool that crucially used in the oil industry. The client, was a Norwegian company, who were frequently losing both time and money when drill bits repeatedly broke when colliding with pockets of hard rock whilst drilling. European Springs devised a powerful tool to solve the problem.








We were given the challenging assignment of developing a special tool that would reduce the load when the drill bit came into contact with hard rocks. Over much designing, deliberating and prototyping, the radical solution was to employ a number of durable and heavy compression springs that compensated for the pressure.

Unfortunately, this is an example of trial and error as there soon was a problem. High temperatures were developing during drilling, which in turn affected the properties of the compression springs. Back to the drawing board, European Springs had the hard task of developing a spring material that could withstand the extreme temperature conditions that occur during oil drilling.

The solution was met and now our Norwegian collaborative partners can work unhindered on the oil rig. The process has become even more efficient thanks to our design, and so far no similar problems have occurred.

Our ambition has always been to find the most efficient solution possible, both for us and for our collaborative partners. It is vitally important to us here at European Springs that our solutions to any functionality problems should have the highest quality, and that they are always delivered on time. This high quality design, process of manufacture and dedication form the foundation of all our operations.

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